Which application to choose for communication?

Today, users have access to a variety of instant messengers for communication using mobile devices. However, the news about massive leaks of confidential data make you look for reliable applications in which information protection is put in the first place. An alternative has recently emerged. Anyone can download vuxner chat to their smartphone or computer for secure communication and file transfer.

Which application to choose for communication?

What are the key benefits of the Vuxner app:

  • positive reviews; does not overload the RAM of your device;
  • a wide range of useful functions; completely free, although there are paid vuxner chat packages for corporate clients;
  • a huge number of individual settings.


At the moment, this is a relatively new program. But the number of people who have installed vuxner chat is increasing every day. Users respond well to the application. The program stands out from the background of other instant messengers, as it offers a new level of communication without boundaries.


You can install it directly from the developer’s site. After downloading, all that remains is to add contacts from the phone book and Google account. It is possible to send an invitation to your friends.

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